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Triennial new variety selection and importation program


Winning submission was Shavkapito nominated by Anna Hooper.


The Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show (AAVWS) encourages the development of new and emerging varieties as alternatives to those currently existing in the Australian wine industry. The AAVWS acknowledges that the wine market both within Australia and globally is dynamic and continually evolving.

To foster continuing interest in the development of alternative wine grape varieties for both the domestic market and to fulfil potential export opportunities, the AAVWS in conjunction with Agromillora Australia JV Pty Ltd, will consider financially sponsoring the importation of a new or emerging variety once every three years.

Any individual or group currently engaged in the Australian wine industry that is passionate about the perceived opportunities created by the importation of a particular variety new to Australia, is encouraged to submit to the AAVWS a justification supporting their proposal.

While the emphasis of this program is squarely on wine grape varieties new to Australia, the AAVWS will consider the selection of superior clones of existing alternative varieties if sufficiently well justified.

Once released from quarantine the material will be propagated by Agromillora Australia JV Pty Ltd and grown at the Australian Vine Improvement Association (AVIA) repository in Dareton, NSW; and will be available to the industry at large for commercialisation.

Selection Criteria

Applicants should respond to the following selection criteria in regard to their proposed variety:
(a) prime name and synonyms. [Marketability of the name].
(b) wine style(s) produced [red, white, rose’, sparkling, fortified]
(b) market opportunity both domestically and internationally [scope]
(c) climatic suitability [where it’s currently grown, potential Australian homoclimatic matches]
(d) adaptability to a changing climate (if known).
(e) sources of propagation material and health status (if known).
(f) benchmark producers of the variety and domestic availability of wines (if any).

 Submission Information

Submission are now closed.  The proposed next round is in 2020.  At that time the committee will review applications against the criteria outlined below.

The Committee may deem no submission as sufficiently meeting the criteria; and as such no variety is selected for importation.

Proposal Guidelines

Please submit your proposal by email to info@aavws.com

Your proposal should be presented as a PDF document with appropriate referencing using traditional footnotes or active hyperlinks.

Your proposal should include some background information about you, your company or organisation as well as a full set of contact details, websites, social media handles etc.

There is no word limit or set layout parameters for this document, however the clearer and more effective your visual and content communication is the more effective your application will be.

2016 Project Timelines

November 6th 2015 – applications open.

April 18 2016 – submissions close.

May 2016 – submissions reviewed & variety to be imported selected.

June/July 2016 – potential sources of material investigated. Supplier selected.

November 2016 – AAVWS Talk & Taste presentation. Successful submission announced.

May/August 2017 – import permit application process, evaluation of vine health status.

November 2017 – material collection, shipping, introduction and quarantine entry.

November 2017 to approx May 2019 – quarantine and virus indexing.

June 2019 – release*; and multiplication by Agromillora Australia Pty Ltd

November 2019 – establishment of mothervine block at AVIA, Dareton.

Spring 2020 – limited availability.

Spring 2021 – commercial availability.

*There is no guarantee that the material will be released from quarantine. It may be destroyed at any time if it contains any exotic diseases such as viruses or virus-like disease, phytoplasma or bacterial infection that are listed as such by AQIS.