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The Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show is run by a group of passionate people including the Chief of Judges, (Sophie Otton current, Jane Faulkner 2012 – 2018, Max Allen 2005 – 2011 and Tim White 2001- 2004) and Australian wine movers and shakers such as our Chairs (Louisa Rose, Chairman 2009 – 2016, Ashley Ratcliffe ( Bruce Chalmers, Kathleen Quealy, Stefano de Pieri, Mark Walpole, Ashley Ratcliff and a dedicated committee.


Location: Mildura, Victoria, Australia
Phone: 0417 556 821
Email: info@aavws.com
Postal: PO Box 3276, Mildura, Victoria, 3502


Corrina Wright (President) – Winemaker & Director, Oliver’s Taranga, SA
Mark Walpole (Deputy President) – Viticulturist, Greenstone, VIC
Kim Chalmers (Secretary) – Director, Chalmers Wines Australia, VIC
Helen Healy (Treasurer) – Director, HHO Events, VIC
Tennille Chalmers – Director, Chalmers Wines Australia, VIC
Jonathan Creek – Winemaker, Zilzie Wines, VIC
Graeme Wellman – Viticulturist, Dorrien Winemaking, SA
Simon Killeen – Owner and Winemaker, Simao & Co, VIC
Reece McNally – Sales & Marketing Manager, Jamesprint, Mildura, Vic
Leah Heinrich, Viticultural Graduate, Treasury Estate, SA
Brian Walsh, Consultant, former Chair, Wine Australia, SA
Ashley Ratcliff, Vigneron & Managing Director, Ricca Terra Farms, SA
Katie Spain, Drinks and Feature Writer, WBM (Australia’s Wine Business Magazine), SA
James Scarcebrook, Owner/Winemaker, Vino Intrepido, VIC


Bruce Chalmers, Stefano de Pieri, Robin Day, Kathleen Quealy, Jenni Chalmers, Louisa Rose


Sophie Otton – Wine Consultant, educator, writer, presenter, wine bar owner. Sydney, NSW


Anita Goode – Winemaker & Director, Wangolina, SA


Helen Healy – Business, Marketing and Show Manager
Kim Chalmers – Brand and Special Projects Manager
Tennille Chalmers – Partnerships and Events Manager
Ashleah Black – Event Manager

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    Changing the World

    “The massive impact the AAVWS has had on wine production and consumption in Australia over the last 15 years is now flowing overseas as alternative varieties breathe new life into the UK market and add colour and excitement to the Australian offering.”