WineShowPro is a custom made wine show management tool completely designed and built by the AAWVS.  It is a cloud-based software and database system.  It is designed to handle most areas of wine show management simply and efficiently. 

The database was conceived in 2008 and developed to run its first show in 2009.  All historical entry data was uploaded at the time to ensure the system would be representative of the entire lifespan of the AAVWS from the inaugural show.  The idea behind the system was to enable online entries, but also much more than that.  The system was designed to capture detailed viticulture and winemaking information in order for the results of the show to be able to be interpreted by growers, winemakers and the wider industry in a much more meaningful way.  The AAVWS results of the show and it’s database have been made publicly searchable online since 2009. 

Over the years the system has evolved every season as we have refined and updated the software and added capabilities to make the show run smoother and more professionally every year.  In 2015 we undertook a full scale rebuild of the system to bring it up to current IT standards and in the process have developed a much more agile system which will be much simpler to constantly update and grow as the show grows. 

The system includes exhibitor accounts for entry management & result access, detailed online entry form including in-depth variety, clone, rootstock and GI data as well as viticultural and winemaking info, admin tools for setting up and running shows, managing entries and collection of entry fees, creating entry labels and mailing letters, managing judging venue setup and stewarding reports, unique online judging platform with tablet/laptop access for every judge, trophy judging tools, certificate and result management and publishing tools and more…

WineShowPro has increasingly gained attention and praise from a variety of users across the world and now has buy in from other Wine Shows globally and has also been adapted for shows outside the wine industry such as the Australian Cider Show.

Most systems I’ve used I’ve buggered up but I cant find a way to bugger this one up! I’ve contacted my Show to get rid of [….] and buy WSP.” 2023 Judge

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Changing the World

“The massive impact the AAVWS has had on wine production and consumption in Australia over the last 15 years is now flowing overseas as alternative varieties breathe new life into the UK market and add colour and excitement to the Australian offering.”