Are you the next AAVWS Ambassador?

If the answer is yes, we look forward to welcoming your applications in 2021 as we are putting this program on hold due to ‘you know what’. With things still uncertain we’d rather not risk  compromising the quality of your experience so we’ll be back next year ready to present a suitably excellent Fellowship Program. See you then

The AAVWS Fellowship is sponsored by Amsat Oak

Do you want to join us in Mildura next November?  Launched in 2014, the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show Fellowship invites applications from wine professionals and knowledgeable enthusiasts who are excited by the opportunity to explore and celebrate Australia’s alternative varieties and share that new found fervour with their networks and industry groups.

The 2020 fellowship activities include:

Return travel to Mildura from Wednesday 4th / Thursday 5th November to Sunday 8 November 2020.
Breakfast and dinner each day.
Accommodation at Quality Hotel Mildura Grand Hotel.
Free ticket to all events including:

  • AAVWS feature Dinner – Thursday 5 November
  • Visit to AAVWS show judging venue for trophy judging – Friday 6 November
  • Tour of Chalmers Italian variety vineyard – Friday 6 November
  • AAVWS Talk and Taste – Friday 6 November
  • AAVWS Show Tasting – Saturday 7 November
  • AAVWS Awards Long Lunch – Saturday 7 November
  • Recovery Breakfast with judges – Sunday 7 November

2020 AAVWS Fellowship Application – DEADLINE 28 AUGUST

Please provide a one page* application addressing the following ideas on why you should be selected.

What skills, networks or opportunities do you have to become an ambassador for the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show and what would you hope to get out of the experience? Let us know why you should be given this fellowship and how you will communicate your experience and your increased knowledge of alternative varieties to your peers upon returning home.

Your application must also include the following information: Full name, mailing address, email address, mobile phone number and where applicable your website URL, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter contacts.

Open to applicants anywhere in Australia.  If you apply you must be available to travel to Mildura on the evening of Wednesday 4th or early morning of Thursday 5th November returning home on Sunday 8th November.

Please email your one page* pdf application to info@aavws.com by close of business on Friday 28th August 2020

*This is a strict limit of one A4 page, 400 words or less.  If an application is submitted with multiple pages, only the first page will be assessed.

2019 AAVWS Fellow – Grant Scicluna

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2015 AAVWS Fellow – Adam Walls

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2014 inaugural AAVWS Fellow – Sarah Limacher

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Changing the World

“The massive impact the AAVWS has had on wine production and consumption in Australia over the last 15 years is now flowing overseas as alternative varieties breathe new life into the UK market and add colour and excitement to the Australian offering.”