AAVWS database search facility coming soon…

Since the establishment of our rich database of entry data for our 10th anniversary in 2009 we have been gathering in-depth information about the wines which are entered in the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show.  This means entrants take the time to share their experiences of growing and making their own alternative variety wines.

Not only do we ask what variety, vintage and region the wine is from, we also collect viticultural and winemaking information like clones and rootstocks, soil types, elevation, rainfall data, harvest dates and winemaking techniques.

All of this information is made available to be searched by the general public in the interest of research and development of the alternative variety wine scene.  You may, for instance, like to know which regions in Australia are growing the best Tempranillo: simply search Tempranillo by region by gold medals and see where they are being grown.  But why not take it one step further? Keep searching and find out which soil types, elevations or viticultural practices are yielding the best results.

We are very proud of this amazing resource, which was custom designed and built especially for the AAVWS.  Of course such an ambitious undertaking is an ongoing project, currently we are upgrading the search capabilities to make accessing the resource more intuitive.  We welcome your feedback on the database and it’s interface to help us continue to improve the resource into the future.

Changing the World

“The massive impact the AAVWS has had on wine production and consumption in Australia over the last 15 years is now flowing overseas as alternative varieties breathe new life into the UK market and add colour and excitement to the Australian offering.”